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About Us

In 1955, an uncommon company was born from a common man's dream: James V. McConnell Sr. had a dream to build a company that would represent the highest standards of excellence in the Automobile industry. A company that would not only meet customer's expectations, but exceed them.

McConnell Automotive traces its roots back to 1955, when James V. McConnell Sr. bought Trail Pontiac-Cadillac in Mobile, on old "car row," in downtown Mobile. In the early 1970's, the dealership was relocated to West Mobile on Dauphin Street, and management of the operation was passed on to his sons, James "Jim" McConnell, Jr. and Edwin W. "Eddie" McConnell.

The automotive industry and McConnell Automotive has changed a great deal over the years, and just like our industry we have adapted and grown stronger because of the changes. The losses of James McConnell Sr. and Jr. were tough on the family, friends and employees of McConnell Automotive but their spirit remains the heart and soul of our company.

The McConnell family is just as committed to continue as a family owned and operated business as their grandfather was 60 years ago. We embrace the technology of the future, but we will never change our sincere desire to serve the automotive needs of our customers the same way James V. McConnell Sr. did in 1955.

Come see why we've been making the best deals in Mobile since 1955.

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